More Random Mexico City Eats

Here’s the final Mexico City post before I move onto our favorite part of the vacation- Zihuatanejo!!

We ate some fanastic al pastor tacos at a little place near our hotel which were just amazing.

Before that, we had some quesedillas, flautas and sopes with nopales at another small restaurant- we didn’t realize that everything was totally deep fried, but it was good.

After a walk around the city and a tour of the “house of tiles” we had a mediocre lunch at Cafe de Tacuba (the restaurant, not the band!). The palce was beautiful but the food was just so-so.

We were too full after that to try any of the gorgeous pastries a bakery we stopped into but I did manage to snap some photos of the delcious-smelling sweets!

The next day we strolled around Frida Kahlo’s old neighborhood, Coyoacán, and didn’t have time to eat but did enjoy checking out the colorful and eclectic buildings. One thing I noticed were that a lot of the trees were covered with circles of chewed gum……sort of disgusting and beautiful at the same time, no? The street food looked great, but unfortunately we weren’t really hungry.

Overall, we had a wonderful time in Mexico City. The people, flavors, colors and vibe were all warm, rich and unique.

And that wraps up D.F! Up next: Dinner at La Casa Que Canta, fish tacos at La Sirena Gorda, and much more!

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  1. omg that taco looks awesome! it’s giving me late afternoon hungries. i’ve never been to mexico.

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