We’re back!

After an extended break, Tuna Toast is back with a new site design and a promise to keep the posts coming on a more regular basis. Hopefully the 2 ½ readers I had before are still with me (hello….?) and you’ll tell your friends to tune in for some new adventures in cooking, eating and everything food-related.

Tomorrow will kick off a new weekly feature called The Tuna Toast Ten- 10 questions about food answered by some well-known bloggers, musicians, unknown people who are known to eat and just random citizens sharing their thoughts about food with you. Could I get any less specific?!?! Anyway, hopefully you’ll enjoy it as I always love to hear about people’s favorite restaurants, best recipes and food stories.

Special thanks to Rameniac for introducing me to Sheen who totally revamped the site for me. Extra special thanks to Sheen for actually doing the work as I am not the most tech-enabled person on the planet.

Here’s to many more posts on food, wine and good times!


8 Responses to

  1. lookin’ good yallz!

  2. I’m the half a person here ;)

    love the new look and can’t wait for your posts and the Tuna Toast Ten

  3. Very nice.

  4. Love the new look

  5. welcome_to_my_deathlist

    still here :-) and i approve of the new look (now aren’t you relieved?)

  6. also still here and i can’t wait for more blog posts!

  7. Hooray! We have missed you greatly.

  8. looks great TAG! i know most of us bloggers have fallen off the face of the earth, so i am SO glad you started writing again! looking forward to your posts!

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