Last snapshots of Bogota

A few last shots of Bogota, Colombia before I continue the posts on South America with the next destination of my recent trip: Buenos Aires. I truly loved Bogota and plan to return there to see more of it’s wonderful culture and people!

Casa Vieja – a restaurant offering traditional Colombian food……..

….like this bowl of ajiaco, a thick potato soup with chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob and garnished with cream and avocado.

The new face of Bogota. If you squint just a bit, you’d think you were on Rodeo Drive….

….and speaking of new faces of Bogota:

Hooters, the proud new addition to the city. My friend and guide Carolina said she was happy that Hooters had come to Bogota, since it’s a sign that other new American businesses will likely follow.

…….and the smiling new faces of Bogota Hooters?

Have you ever seen such gorgeous Hooters girls in your life? I haven’t, and these beautiful ladies were more than happy to strike a pose.

Girls making jewelry to sell……..

A trip to the Museo Botero…..

…where we saw works by both Botero, famous Colombian artist (here, in a self-portrait)

…in addition to Botero’s extensive personal collection of works by other artists…like this one by Salvador Dali

…and speaking of art…this is just one of many sculptures around the city which are located high above the ground

A local fruit called lulu:

The church in the main plaza:

Messing around at the Presidential Palace…

View of the Andes from the plane…..on our way to Buenos Aires- posts coming up next!

Until then………..

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  1. TAG:
    beautiful photos…thanks.

  2. Great post. Botero & Hooters. High and low culture in the same post.

    Gotta love it.

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