A Good Place To Eat

My favorite kind of restaurant is one that is cozy and makes you feel at home.

Ones with soft, pretty lighting…………….

Ones that put a nice, crusty baguette on the table to start your meal……………….

A good salad is key in a good restaurant as well, you know, since every meal should have some green……………….

And if they let you get a peek into the kitchen to see the magic happen, it’s even better…………………

Family-style always makes me feel at home in any restaurant, and piles of Fusilli in Spare Rib Sauce never hurt anyone. The beautiful Italian platter it was served in was the icing on the cake…..

Oh and speaking of cake, what meal would be complete without a sweet treat at the end? And if the sweet treat is an airy and impossibly light cheesecake, well then you really couldn’t ask for anything more, could you?

Let’s take another look at the fluffy cheesecake, made light by folding beaten egg whites into the mixture, the chef told me…..

And once the meal is done, a good restaurant lets you sit and enjoy the moment for a bit longer, no? I mean, no one wants to be rushed………..

Which is why, more times than not, the best meals are enjoyed at home……..or, in this case, my parents’ home! When the chef is your father, and you’re with family in a beautiful home with lots of good food and wine, why would you want to go anyplace else?

Thanks Mom and Papa!

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  1. haha, I like how the story line played out. And that cheesecake looks yum-o!

  2. Lol.. Isn’t home the best restaurant ever? Well, i guess it depends whose home! haha. Nice post and nice to ‘meet’ you!

  3. You had me atspare rib sauce. Can they adopt me?

  4. Great looking cheesecake. Fluffy cheesecake is so much better than the dense stuff!

  5. I feel the same way — some of my most memorable meals have been the ones sitting around my parents’ table with my family. (Especially when my dad is buying and pouring the wine…)

  6. tuna,
    you commented on my food blog at least once before. i wanted to let you know its back, sorry for the long period of nothingness

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