Maui Bound…………..

J and I are doing something we’ve never done: take a domestic vacation for a whole week and hunker down in the same spot for the entirety of the trip. We’ve taken lots of trips before, but they usually involve a 10+ hour flight, bouts of jetlag, currency exchange and weak attempts to speak a language we are not very good at all while hopping from city to city. So we decided to do what millions before us have done- go lay on a beach in Hawaii and fahgettaboutit! We’re off to Maui tomorrow, so hopefully I will return with many tales of delicious meals, blue waters and snorkeling adventures. Since we plan to hit Plantation House, Lahaina Grill and the Hali’imaile General Store, I’m pretty sure the delicious meals part is covered.

If you have any recommedations, I’d love to hear them!


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  1. If you're going to be in Kihei, try Pita Paradise. Not fancy but totally delicious and satisfying. We ate there twice during our trip to Maui less than two months ago.

    And if you go, please report back!

  2. Mama's Fish House!!!!

  3. simply_hibiscus

    go to cafe o lei kihei

    absolutely amazing food and also cheap

    and then the noodle restaurant next to lifes a beach on south kihei road wok something i can't remember the name of it right now but really good food also
    and to try hawaiian food go to da kitchen which is downstairs from cafe o lei they're all on the same street on kihei side

    i used to live there and i will always recommend those places

    and def try the sushi at cafe o lei i swear to god the best on the island i used to work there so i would know ^_^

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