Bakesale for Japan: Success!

Just a quick post to give Los Angeles a big ‘ol pat on the back for raising a whopping $15,484.00 during the Bakesale For Japan for Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims, which will be distributed via Peace Winds Japan.  Who would have thought that image-conscious Los Angelinos loved sweet baked goods so much, ha?!  I’m happy it was such a success, and I had a fantastic time participating.  Thanks SO much to everyone who came out, said hi at the Pasadena location, and tweeted about the event.  I’m eagerly awaiting the final total for the entire, nationwide bakesale, and I think it’s going to be a BIG number!

Highlights from the Pasadena location (Chef’s Center of California):


Look at all of the homemade goodies!  WOW!


My little friend H is doing a little quality control…….


Sampling to make sure it’s good………….


It’s approved!  Just look at that smile!

Some of the most creative and fun treats included these amazing sushi cookies from Sabrina’s Sweetery


I picked up a few to share with the sushi chefs at my regular spot, and they loved them.

Can’t wait until the next Bakesale event!  Ciao!

3 Responses to Bakesale for Japan: Success!

  1. Glad that the sale was successful!
    Japan will need help for a long time – let's not forget that.


  2. Those sushi cookies are amazing! Just read your about page and wanted to say hi. I'm a hapa too (Japanese and New Zealand though) and see you also like NZ ^_^ Hajimemashite!

  3. A: Yes, I agree Japan will need our help for a very very long time- never forget:).

    Sasa: Hi- great to see you here, I'm happy you're reading as a fellow hapa! I have never been to NZ but my husband loves it so much he wants us to live there one day! はじめまして!!

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