Recipes From Favorite Blogs: The Amateur Gourmet’s Lemon Butter Chicken With White Beans

I read a lot of food blogs. A lot. Hundreds, perhaps. It’s a habit that has spiraled way out of control, but I can’t help myself. Whether I’m looking for dinner ideas, new recipes or inspiration, these food blogs always spark daydreams of what to cook for the next holiday party or just what to eat that night.

One blog I’ve been reading for years (and one that’s been mentioned here before) is The Amateur Gourmet. It’s the blog that inspired me to start Tuna Toast back in 2005 (!!!). The funny thing is, Adam Roberts- the man behind the blog- had just started dipping his toe into cooking back then, and I think that was part of the appeal for me. He wasn’t trying to say “Hey world- I’m the best cook ever!” but instead chronicled his journey of discovering the wonderful world of food in an honest, funny, warts-and-all way. His reactions to foods he’d never eaten were so pure, his confessions of kitchen disasters so candid and relatable that I couldn’t help but love this guy. Fast forward to the present: Adam is currently promoting his second book-Secrets of the Best Chefs- a cookbook in which the likes of Jonathan Waxman, Alice Waters Lidia Bastianich, to name a few- show Adam how to make their favorite dishes. “You’ve come a long way, baby,” doesn’t quite do justice to his incredible journey, but it’s not surprising that he eventually became someone who would help guide others into loving food and cooking as much as he does.

Luckily for his longtime blog readers, Adam still writes in the same, refreshingly candid way he did back when he first started The Amateur Gourmet. The other day, I read a post about how a few, seemingly everyday ingredients combined with the cook’s instinct that he’s picked up over the years came together to form what he described as “of my favorite things I’ve ever made at home” and a “powerful, unforgettable plate of food.” His description of the dish- ‘Lemon Butter Chicken with White Beans’ - and how it came together sounded so appealing that I decided to make it at home. I didn’t have Rancho Gordo beans or a whole chicken and used Whole Foods dried cannellini ones and bone-in chicken breasts instead, but the dish came out beautifully and was a soul-satisfying meal at the end of a long day.

Dishes like this are why I know reading so many food blogs is a good thing:).

3 Responses to Recipes From Favorite Blogs: The Amateur Gourmet’s Lemon Butter Chicken With White Beans

  1. Looks delish! I’m going to make it next week!

  2. Thanks for this flattering post! And so glad you liked the chicken. One small note: the title of the book is now “Secrets of the Best Chefs” (we had to change it because “Great Chefs” is trademarked!) Excited for you to see the book when it comes out on 11/13. Hope you cook a lot from it! Adam

  3. Thanks Adam- I made the change. Can’t wait to get the book!

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