Thanksgiving 2012

Raise your hand if you’re still in a food coma. Yup, me too.

Thanksgiving is the biggest eating holiday of the year (I believe Super Bowl Sunday comes in at a close second) and, no matter how much we all say we’ll try to hold back on overeating, resistance is futile against mounds of mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie….well, you get the idea. So I hope everyone rolled up their sleeves and dug in with gusto – we certainly did. We hosted dinner at our house this year, and although it was a very small group, we were grateful to be together, have some fantastic food and- most of all- have our health and happiness.

Here’s the rundown of the “Tuna Toast Thanksgiving 2012.”

I ordered my 12-pound, Kendor Farm organic turkey from McCall’s Meat & Fish, then used Russ Parson’s “Judy Bird” method with a little tweaking- I did it over 2 days, then rubbed some compound butter I made (garlic/sage/thyme/rosemary) under the skin and all over the outside. Judy Bird before:

And after:

Roasted green beans, shallots and chanterelles with garlic:

Homemade gravy + Trader Joe’s Orange Cranberry Sauce- we get it every year and it’s amazing.

Cornbread and Spanish chorizo stuffing- just baked up some Bob’s Red Mill cornbread (with added honey for sweetness) then dried it out before adding the other ingredients. The hit of the evening.

Buttermilk mashed potatoes + baby kale salad with roasted acorn squash. The salad was supposed to be sprinkled with pomegranates, but alas- I totally forgot about them after spending a good 40 minutes picking them out! Oh well.

My dad made these mini pumpkin pies with sweetened sour cream- they were the perfect size and sweetness. Also great for breakfast the next day!

Hope you all had a lovely and delicious Thanksgiving!

3 Responses to Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Looks so good, and quite healthy too! A real Californian Thanksgiving, we wish we could have been there!

  2. Those little pies may even have given Clare’s slices a run for their money. Sounded like a good evening!

  3. Thanks guys! We wish you two could have been there too. We missed you.

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