Farewell Potluck….

A couple of weeks ago, my coworkers and I had to say goodbye to one of our dear friends as she left us all for the man of her dreams. Of course we all wondered what on earth this guy had that WE don’t have in spades (being the wonderful group of people we are, ya know;). Well, our questions were answered when we finally met the famous guy who swept our dear KB off her feet and saw that he was everything she had talked about and more.

As sad as everyone was, we knew we had to throw KB a proper farewell before she left us for the mountains of Boulder. We planned a potluck at the house and enjoyed various dishes that people brought. A great time was had by all as we sat in the backyard, laughed about the good times and ate everything in sight. There was enough cheese to put us all in a dairy coma, a fantastic fig and marcona almond “cake” to go with the cheeses (tip: Whole Foods sells this but if you live in Los Angeles, buy it at Nicole’s in South Pas- it’s half the price!!), a gnocchi salad, mushroom tart, fruit plate (marking my first time cutting a whole pineapple!), chips, dips and plenty more. Not only was KP (The Boyfriend) a really nice guy but quite the chef as well! His Blue Cheese Coleslaw was delicious, the potato salad w/ capers and olives was a hit and the pasta salad w/ tomatoes and basil was devoured. A man that rock climbs AND knows how to cook? No wonder KB couldn’t wait another minute to be with her guy!

KP’s yummy dishes…..

Gnocchi “salad” once again…..

I suppose part of what makes KB such a sweetie is that she loves sugar, so we had to have something sweet to cap off the night. I made the Red Velvet Cake from Bon Apetite that I’d made many times before- it’s always a winner and I love the fruit with the cream cheese frosting. It’s a great show-stopper, and very easy to make. Just make sure you buy gel food coloring and use the entire container of it to get the cake a nice, deep shade of red. Anyway, we polished that off too as we tried to make the evening last as long as possible before saying our goodbyes.

Cream cheese frosting mixed with fruit……

Finished cake…..

Lovely nighttime photo of cut cake….

Best of luck in Boulder KB and KP! We miss you already;).

The happy couple!!!

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  1. That cake looks out of control – I definitely want to try to make that!

  2. Awww… Cheese coma!

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