Recipe: BBQ Tofu Wrap

Look, ma, more fun with tofu! Ok, this “recipe” isn’t really a recipe and may come as a surprise since I just stated in my last post that I feel tofu works best with Asian flavors, but this one is an exception! I had some tofu leftover from my soba noodle salad recipe so the next day I just tossed together this wrap which will definitely be on my regular menu for quick and easy dinners from now on.

As I did with the tofu in the salad recipe, I weighted down the loaf with some thick paper towels and got a lot of the water out. I then tossed it in some of my favorite BBQ sauce and just pan fried them until they were heated through. It was then time to build the wrap:

I got one Whole Wheat Olive Oil Wrap from Trader Joe’s and filled it with greens and corn cut straight off a steamed cob:

Then added the BBQ’d tofu slices, fresh ripe avocado, sliced red onions and chopped cilantro:

Then rolled it into a nice little wrap……….

…..which I served up with a mixed green salad. And dinner was done!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Food, she thought.

    that looks extremely nice. i have been experimenting with Gardein vegetable protein filets from Whole Foods of late, to some success and some lack thereof. This post makes me want to venture forth.

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