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Recipe: Baked Tofu Egg Rolls

Did you know it’s currently National Vegetarian Week? If ya didn’t, now ya do, so go out there and eat a carrot or ten!

I do love myself a beautiful piece of rare meat now and again, but I find that I cook vegetarian more often than not even though I’m not consciously planning it. I guess it may have to do with the fact that I don’t really know what I’ll be cooking on any given week and therefore rarely buy meat or fish on my weekend shopping trips and prefer to buy it the day of when I figure out what’s for dinner. Add that to the fact that I’m usually running behind, and it leads to me making our meals out of whatever we have on hand, which is always vegetables and some sort of protein that keeps well for longer periods than fresh meat, like tofu, cheese or beans. Continue reading

Recipe: BBQ Tofu Wrap

Look, ma, more fun with tofu! Ok, this “recipe” isn’t really a recipe and may come as a surprise since I just stated in my last post that I feel tofu works best with Asian flavors, but this one is an exception! I had some tofu leftover from my soba noodle salad recipe so the next day I just tossed together this wrap which will definitely be on my regular menu for quick and easy dinners from now on.

As I did with the tofu in the salad recipe, I weighted down the loaf with some thick paper towels and got a lot of the water out. I then tossed it in some of my favorite BBQ sauce and just pan fried them until they were heated through. It was then time to build the wrap:

I got one Whole Wheat Olive Oil Wrap from Trader Joe’s and filled it with greens and corn cut straight off a steamed cob:

Then added the BBQ’d tofu slices, fresh ripe avocado, sliced red onions and chopped cilantro:

Then rolled it into a nice little wrap……….

…..which I served up with a mixed green salad. And dinner was done!

Happy Friday!