Red Velvet Cake with Fresh Berries

This one is a classic, folks.  I’ve been making this particular red velvet cake for years, although it’d been awhile so I whipped one up this weekend. As I was mixing it together I remembered how easy it is to make, and as the scent of cocoa wafted through the air while it was baking I kicked myself for not making it more often, especially NOW when there is an array of gorgeous berries at the markets. 

Layering the cake: put a big scoop of frosting in with chopped strawberries, then add to the middle of the cake:

Smooth it out so it almost goes to the edges:

Put the second cake on top:

Spread a very thin layer of the frosting all over the cake- this is called a “crumb coat.” Set it in the fridge for about 20 minutes until it’s set.  THEN you can frost it.  This crumb coat prevents any red cake crumbs from showing up on your final, frosted cake. Cool right?

Ta-da! Done!

I’m not one to favor berries on a cake, but trust me when I say the blueberries, raspberries and strawberries (the latter are mixed in with some of the frosting and put in the middle of the cake) with the cream cheese and the moist cake combine to create the perfect dessert. In fact, I’d think twice about making this cake without berries, because it would be a shame to miss the complete experience of what this cake can be.

My good friends L and A were attending a goodbye party for L’s sister, so I gave this cake to them to take because honestly- this cake deserves a party, right? It practically screams for streamers and sparklers. Word is everyone enjoyed it, and judging by this photo I think we have one satisfied customer:

I won’t write out the recipe since you can find it here, but when you’re making it, just remember to not over-mix the batter and always set your timer for at least 5 minutes less than the baking time specified in the recipe.  Check for doneness and add a couple of minutes accordingly until the cake is just done so you avoid over-baking which results in a dry cake. Wait until the cake has completely cooled and then go nuts with the cream cheese frosting and whatever berries you like- it’ll all be good!

Did you bake anything this weekend?

2 Responses to Red Velvet Cake with Fresh Berries

  1. Yumm!, looks very good :)
    for me it was more of a weekend baking or a bakend ñ_ñ
    I made Chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache (My 1st time ever since cooking school), French Vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, Strawberry cream cheese cookies (From Userealbutter’s blog) and Japanese Cheese Cake!! O_O … it was a good practice since a friend of my mom asked me for 50cupcakes for a wedding this weekend (I’m still afraid of catering hehe).
    Do you have any favorite frosting recipe?,, I have made royal icing and cream cheese icing, but I want to try something else :D

  2. I’m going to make this this weekend for my Book Club!

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