Quick Bites: Father’s Day Brunch

Wowza- it’s been a crazy few weeks. I had guests in from Japan which was awesome, J left for tour, and it seems I’m caught in a tornado of freelance work which is great, but very busy! Who would have thought that working from home would be such a whirlwind of activity after years of doing the 40+ hour a week office gig? I’m very lucky and blessed to have many opportunities and I’m not takin’ it for granted- it’s just that between my to-do lists for work, home and blog, the blog seems to get pushed to the bottom. I’m also trying to master Quickbooks (trying being the key word…I think I talk to their customer support more than my husband!) which is taking more time than I thought. Poor lil’ Tuna Toast!

So here’s a post, but I have to keep it short because another project (er, DINNER!) calls. There are a couple of dishes in this meal that I’d blogged about recently so I’ll just exclude the recipes since you can find them in my archives.

J’s parents came to visit us over Father’s Day weekend, so we had the rare and amazing chance to get both dads (and moms) together for a nice, Sunday brunch at our place. Since we’d pretty much gorged ourselves on my dad’s famous ribs the night before, I wanted to keep it relatively fresh, clean and light. Here’s what we had:

Fruit salad with a touch of buckwheat honey:

This is MY kind of fruit salad. As you can see, there are no cantaloupe or melon in here- I’m not a fan of either and feel kind of ripped off when I get a fruit salad that made up of just those two, which happens ALL THE TIME in restaurants. This is a summer fruit salad made up of strawberries, cherries, white peaches and nectarines so every bite is a money bite;).

Croissants: I can’t take credit- my dad was nice enough to pick these up on the way to our place. They were HUGE so I cut each in half.

The sausage-stuffed sweet peppers appear yet again! Since this was for brunch, I used a turkey breakfast sausage and they were a hit as always. This dish is the perfect example of how something so simple can be so delicious.

Green salad with champagne vinaigrette. No meal at our house is complete without a salad.

Green veggie frittata with pesto: a great way to make eggs for a crowd. I pile a baking dish with roasted and sauteed veggies and potatoes, cover it with egg, then dot it all over with freshly made pesto. Bake, and you’ve got a healthy and tasty dish.

I know it’s a bit late, but Happy Father’s Day to both dads- you guys are the best and we’re so glad we could all be together on such a special day!

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  1. wow, all these dishes are so simple but look so darn tasty. great menu for summertime! i also wholeheartedly agree about the point you made about cantaloupe/honeydew fruit salads. wish we saw more of your kind of fruit salads at restaurants!

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