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Inside Savor Los Angeles

As a food blogger, I get invited to try restaurants or attend food events once in awhile.  Sometimes I’ll go and many times I won’t, depending on whether I’m interested in it or not.  Pretty simple.  Anytime I am comped a meal or an event ticket, I’ll always say so on this blog- I feel it’s appropriate, and I also want to mention that I won’t ever lie about an experience anywhere- free or not.  After all, food is the reason I do this- GOOD FOOD- and as someone who has a deep respect for and love of the stuff I can’t very well be swayed into saying something over a few saved dollars.  It just ain’t right! Continue reading

Food Event: Savor Los Angeles

I savor this great city quite often, but it’s nice when someone puts together an event where you can sample a lot of Los Angeles’ culinary offerings in one location!  If you’re looking for some good food paired with good libations, check out Savor Los Angeles tomorrow night (Thursday, 6/2) from 7:00-10:00pm at Siren Studios.  They plan to showcase “Food BFFs” or “Best Friend Foods” – foods that go together like peanut butter and chocolate, grilled cheese and tomato soup or milk and ramen.  HA- got you on that last one, didn’t I?  Hey, when I was a kid I used to love to eat a bowl of ramen and drink a cold glass of milk.  And look at me now- I’m a food blogger.  So now you know how I honed this palate to perfection (yes yes, insert snorting laughter here!).

Getting back to the event- you’ll get a chance to try bites from the likes of Reservoir, Mas Malo, Starry Kitchen (who are so famous for their crispy tofu balls that I almost just typed “Starry Balls” as the restaurant name!), Cast Iron Gourmet (who makes this highly dangerous stuff called “Couch Mix”- don’t say I didn’t warn you) and more while washing it all down with eco-friendly cocktails and craft beers.  It’s a pretty great way to spend a Thursday night!

Hope to see you there.