Dinner At Home With Friends……..

Don’t get too excited by the excellent quality of these photos- they were not taken by me nor do they signal the beginning of any Gorgeous Photography Era of Tuna Toast. I wish I had an eye for beauty and composition but unfortunately I did not inherit my father’s sense for photography. These were all taken by my good friend and honorary little bro, Dylan, of the blog Eat, Drink & Be Merry and his beautiful lady, Jeni, of Oishii Eats.

Cory, creeping downstairs to join the party

We’d been wanting to get together with Dylan and Jeni for awhile and finally got the chance to last week when they came over to our house for dinner. I made oxtail ravioli while Dylan snapped away at my cat, Cory and our house. I wish I could shoot half as well as he and Jeni, and hope one day to learn how to see the world as they seem to see it. It’s amazing how lovely everything looks in well-composed photographs, isn’t it? We had lots of food, wine and great conversation and I think even the usually prissy Cory had a grand ol’ time.

Here’s the night as told by the amazing photography of Dylan and Jeni- enjoy!

Me, cooking away in the kitchen. Yes, I do realize that the bar needs to be cleared off so we can actually use it as a bar!

The food:

A little Prosciutto di Parma to nibble on…

My favorite pate from Nicole’s Gourmet Imports in South Pasadena

The ravioli ready for their hot water bath…

J sprinkles a classic gremolata (parsley, lemon zest and minced garlic) onto his ravioli

Oxtail ravioli served up.

A simple green salad always rounds out a meal at our house

The people:

Cory, sitting next to J’s beloved upright bass which he hasn’t named yet

Dylan and Jeni, in the one slightly unfocused and fuzzy photo because, you guessed it, I took it!

J and I, sitting in our backyard

After awhile we noticed that Cory wasn’t anywhere downstairs, so I took Dylan and Jeni up to our bedroom to show them Cory’s hideout….

…under the covers of our bed!

It was a wonderful night with good food, friends and now these lovely photographs – thanks Dylan and Jeni!

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  1. OMG…thank YOU!!! Loooooved the dinner. We will have to have you over in the New Year! We had a great time.

  2. Those raviolis looks perfect! Great job. First time here, loving your blog.

  3. Cory is so effing cute, and oxtail ravioli sounds insanely good.

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