Client Profile: The Vegan

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started catering and personal-cheffing because I could no longer push away my desire to cook and feed people. I can say with every fiber in my being that I love cooking more than anything else, and after some prodding from friends and family, I’m finally doing it.

I plan to post the occasional profile of some of my clients, which for the most part will focus on the food and less on the actual person. First up: The Vegan.


The Vegan is, uh, vegan (duh!) and has me come in once a week to cook that week’s worth of meals for him. He doesn’t like to eat processed soy products and loves whole grains, fruit and greens and prefers me to package everything “family style” so he can mix and match each meal. He also likes to have a few plain items so that it will be easier to combine the various dishes, so I’ll make a container of plain steamed vegetables or unseasoned grains depending on what looks good at the market on any given week. Other than requesting I follow his dietary guidelines, he gives me total creative control so it’s really fun, especially since his focus is on eating whole foods- nothing processed. For us cheese and bread lovers (ME!) it may sound like a boring food life but it’s completely possible to make flavorful, delicious meals using only whole ingredients.

He’s fairly casual so we use Gladware since it’s inexpensive and easy to store.

The food:

Japanese “sushi” brown rice with vegetables: the sushi part refers to the use of rice wine vinegar in this dish, not fish.

Sweet potato and garbanzo bean Madras curry:

Bulgur wheat salad with homemade pesto and tomatoes:

Chipotle veggie hash made with summer squash, poblanos and red bell peppers:

Sauteed red Swiss chard and asparagus with a splash of tamari:

Plain cooked pearled barley (great for the Madras curry!):

Plain steamed broccoli:

Bonus dish: Pico de gallo- I had some beautiful cherry tomatoes, cilantro and onions left over so I made this quick pico which could make a nice sauce for the plain dishes:

Summer fruit salad with lime:

Plain cut pineapple:

I like to think of myself as a sort of “food fairy”- while the client is at work, I prepare the meals at his home (or mine, depending on the client) , package it all up, stack in it the refrigirator, and my client gets home from a long, hard day….he sees this:

Pretty cool, right?

Now this style (family style) and dishes (vegan) are totally customized to this particular client, but longtime readers of this blog know I cook all kinds of food and that is one of the most enjoyable aspects of cooking- adjusting tastes and ingredients to suit anyone and everyone. The common thread is simple: it has to taste great! To me, food is the spice of life and I love to share that idea with people.

If you’re interested in having your own food fairy, you can read more about my catering and personal cheffing (yes, I made that word up but it’s appropriate!) here.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

7 Responses to Client Profile: The Vegan

  1. mm everything looks so good! funny that there is NOTHING else in that fridge!! :)

  2. Everything looks like food should look – not processed! We eat a ton of whole grains in the house too. Our pantry is always stocked with bulgur wheat, couscous, pearl barley and brown rice.

  3. Wow that looks really cool, my little brain is wondering would there be an opening for such a service in Ireland …
    Can’t wait to read more of your client profiles ..
    That pico de gallo has my mouth watering :)

  4. Whoa! So awesome that you pursued your dream. You don’t have to answer this if you’re not comfortable but I am very curious…how do you find your clients?

    • No problem! Mainly word-of-mouth and Craigslist. If someone you know hints that they may want you to cook for them, take them a freebie meal so they can really get a taste of your cooking and that may propel them to hire you as well!

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  6. Nice! I don’t cater but have a lot of friends who do. What a great tip. Thanks for sharing!

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